Busbar Solutions

Manor Switchgear offers a comprehensive range of bus bar solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of the Data Centre sector. With our commitment to high standards and adherence to BS and EU regulations, Manor Switchgear provides reliable options for both low and medium-voltage applications, whether for indoor or outdoor installations.

The IP55 sandwich construction range, available in low, medium, and high power categories, offers versatility to accommodate various power requirements. Starting from 25A for low power applications and extending up to 6300A for high power needs, these busbars can effectively interconnect LV panels, serve as primary power sources from UPS output boards to data halls, or facilitate power distribution through walls, risers, or service corridors. Customers can choose between aluminium or copper conductors based on their specific requirements.

For projects requiring maintenance-free, weatherproof, and chemically resistant solutions, Manor Switchgear offers the IP68 super compact resin range. This range is suitable for both LV and MV power distribution and can withstand submersion in water up to 4m in depth. Amperage ratings for this range start from 400A for aluminium conductors and 630A for copper conductors, extending up to 5000A and 6300A, respectively.

Busbar Solutions
Busbar Key Features
Options for low and and medium voltage applications
Range of IP ratings available
Various power options available to meet application requirements
Easy installation & maintenance
Engineered for energy efficiency minimising energy losses during power distribution
Durably designed to withstand harsh environmental environments